Latest Posts:

smrtPermissions — 

Unified user interaction for API permissions tests, list, request, explains permissions

smrtGPS - smart GPS events — 

gps/compass api wrapper throttles/filters events

reverse proxy setup for unreliable upstream server — — 

simple mobile webapp demo and test platform for new APIs

Konfabulator Widgets — 

desktop widgets, powered by plain old javascript UI framework interoperability framework for Opera, Vista Gadgets

GRAV Tagger — GRAV plugin for autohotlinking of taxonomy tags

Tags in moderation can be quite usefull. Both for linking to more relevant content and to grab the users attention. This plugin allows you to either link to your tag filter page manually or to process and link text automatically.

GRAV Highlight — GRAV plugin for embeded syntax highlighting using highlight.js

Plugin for flat file CMS "Grav" written mostly in php ... Blah syntax highlighting ... whole or file sections ... entire directories directly or iframe ... adaptable through templates ... per page settings ...lorem ipsum ...

GRAV Box o' Media — Grav plugin for embeded external Media

GRAV plugin for embeded Media local, dropbox, oembed custom lightbox accessable via twig and Markdown

unnamed XMPP to ampq task automation system — 

unnamed adsb messaging, processing & display platform — 

WikiAR — 

augmented reality with Wikipedia Data Overlays